The Caribbean Tourism Quality Index: Benchmarking the Region From a New Perspective.

This Resonance Report ranks Caribbean destinations based on the way leisure travelers themselves experience and evaluate destinations. It’s designed to help destinations understand, evaluate and manage the supply side of their offer – the products, programming and experiences that resonate with travelers today.

The report provides performance rankings for destinations based on social media reviews – both the absolute total number of very good or excellent experiences offered, and indexed performance rankings based on the quantity of very good and excellent experiences per thousand visitors in each country.

Key Findings of this Resonance Report include:
  • The Dominican Republic is the #1 Tourism Destination in the Caribbean based on the absolute total number of very good and excellent experiences offered.
  • Turks & Caicos is the Best Performing Destination in the Caribbean based on the number of quality experiences offered per visitor.
  • Cuba is the #1 Destination for Nightlife and Cultural Tourism experiences in the region.
  • Puerto Rico offers more very good and excellent restaurants than any other country in the Caribbean.
  • Barbados is the #1 Shopping Destination in the Caribbean.
  • Trinidad & Tobago is #1 for Performances in the region.
  • Montserrat, Anguilla and Turks & Caicos offer the most very good and excellent hotels per visitor in the Caribbean.
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