Our team has advised developers, destinations, communities, cities and governments in more than 70 countries. We provide leading public and private sector organizations with research, visioning, strategic planning, development strategy, and brand strategy to help realize the full potential of developments, destinations and communities.


The principals and people of Resonance Consultancy have more than a half-century of experience in community, hotel, resort, tourism and economic development. Our team has completed more than 100 visioning, strategy, planning, policy and branding projects for destinations and communities around the world.

Together, we’ve created an integrated process that helps both public and private sector clients look ahead – ahead of the curve, around the corner or a decade from now. In all our work, we seek to create value-building visions and strategies that foster community, preserve cultural heritage and generate economic benefits for everyone involved.


Chris Fair

Futurist, father, strategist and storyteller, Chris holds a Masters Degree in Studies of the Future and has married his marketing expertise with futures methodologies to help clients envision and develop new places, products and organizations. Over the course of his career, Chris has led the branding and marketing of dozens of communities and destinations ranging from master planned destination resorts to entire cities. He is also a frequent public speaker, keen to share his insights on development trends and societal behavior.

Vice President

Dianna Carr

Dianna is an experienced writer and communicator who brings a keen curiosity and singular prose style to work in every medium. From creating new publications to co-authoring the official story of the 2010 Winter Olympics, from Intrawest’s French Alps to the Four Seasons Costa Rica and from Haiti to her adopted city of Vancouver, Dianna helps clients find their voice, aids developers in articulating sense of place, and writes the words that bring the future of destinations to vivid life.

Executive VP

Richard Cutting-Miller

Rick is a 25-year travel industry veteran responsible for tourism strategy, policy and master planning projects at Resonance. As Executive VP for the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) for 16 years, he directed policy agendas, research programs, communications and membership services, and worked in more than 65 countries and 350 cities around the world. Rick then founded Tourism Policy Group, a consultancy that provides policy, strategy, public affairs and advocacy services to premier international destinations and enterprises.

VP Marketing & Communications

Elyse Mailhot

Elyse Mailhot is a world-traveler, bon vivant and global travel industry expert who has promoted visitation to Canada for the Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Vancouver and many others. Her communication skills and relationships with global media are bringing the world to Resonance and taking us to far-flung new assignments.

Creative Director

Tom Pedriks

Tom has lent his graphic expertise and creative strategies to some of the world’s most recognized brands. In 25 years of award-winning graphic design and advertising work, he has brought a resonant look and feel to brand stories and narratives for clients in wine, sports and real estate, creating unforgettable logos, graphics, packaging, film, web and other storytelling media.

Account Director

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith comes from Nelson, BC. a supremely chill town that lit a fire under his five year plan, which includes placing first in the Hahnenkamm downhill race after-party in Kitzbühel, installing alarm clocks with no snooze buttons in the bedrooms of all creatives, and never missing a single detail, budget or deadline in any time zone, ever.

Interactive Developer

Peter Aziz

Peter is an image wrangler and problem-solver for the digital age, fluent in a dozen programming languages and a vast range of software and capable of making pixels do his every bidding. He brings technical skill and creativity together to the creation of impactful video and motion graphics, animated Flash ads, websites, e-newsletters, product photography and much else.

Graphic Designer

Lia McMillan

Lia is a graphic designer with a gift for type and flower arranging – indispensable skills, in our view – along with an ability to juggle (assignments, not objects). She can talk hockey, wrist up ads, mock up inserts, design a sassy magazine spread or multi-media screen, and obsess about Planet Earth (the show, the globe) without breaking a sweat. Our kind of designer.


Resonance Consultancy monitors consumer trends, conducts innovative research, and creates development strategies, plans and brands that shape the future of destinations and communities around the world. From resorts to neighborhoods, Hawai‘i to Haiti, our integrated approach to research, strategy and branding has helped developers, cities and countries identify new market opportunities, create plans for the future, and communicate their stories to realize the full potential of their destination or community.

Uncover New Opportunities

As part of our ongoing work to create successful development strategies for a wide variety of destinations and developments, Resonance conducts consumer research and publishes reports that monitor and help us understand the evolving preferences and aspirations of consumers around the world. To help cities and destinations understand their unique competitive advantages and weaknesses, we also publish regular Tourism Quality and Place Equity Indexes utilizing our unique destination assessment and benchmarking methodology.

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Our Destination Assessments give you the information you need for your destination development planning process. They document the current state and status of your city, community or destination with critical performance measures relative to your competitive set; they focus primary and secondary research and competitive destination benchmarking to discuss and summarize specific issues and opportunities that impact your destination or community now or may impact it in the near future.

Primary research can consist of one-on-one interviews with key industry stakeholders – engagement that helps to build ownership of results and recommendations. It can also include a survey of your industry, past visitors and community residents to assess existing infrastructure, product and services, and compare these results to alternative and competing destinations.

A Destination Assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of existing tourism infrastructure, attractions and events
  • Evaluation and attractiveness of product development opportunities
  • Evaluation and attractiveness of event opportunities (cultural events, signature events, sports events)
  • Evaluation and attractiveness of transportation opportunities (air, auto, coach, train)
  • Evaluation and attractiveness of tourism categories (cultural tourism, creative tourism, culinary tourism, adventure tourism, health and wellness tourism, LGBT tourism, parks and nature, shopping)
  • Evaluation of service quality issues


For a destination, city or community, Development Strategies are comprehensive strategic documents that analyze current context and articulate a clear vision for sustainable development.

Our Development Strategies are the product of engagement and collaboration with citizens, businesses and government stakeholders. Beginning with expert analysis of competitive gaps and opportunities, we engage stakeholders to workshop solutions and create a preferred vision of the future that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

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Development Strategies identify and articulate the unique products, amenities, programming and experiences – along with corresponding policies and protocols – that help guide the long-term planning and development of a destination or community. These strategies are designed to be shared: experience has shown us that when people share a vision of the future, it gives them shared belief, shared purpose and shared passion.

A Development Strategy will:

  • Create consensus among your stakeholders of the trends impacting your industry and the threats and opportunities they represent;
  • Assess and define the product development needs of a destination or community, its attractions, accommodations/housing, services, facilities and transportation;
  • Prioritize issues and opportunities according to agreed-upon criteria;
  • Identify growth and expansion opportunities for a destination or community according to market realities and forecasted potential ROI;
  • Provide policies to inform and direct planning and development in a manner that supports sustainable development goals and objectives;
  • Be used as a management tool to prioritize the use of resources to achieve general and specific goals established through the process;
  • Be used as an information resource in conducting individual agency, business or organization planning processes and operations; and
  • Help create consensus and support among local stakeholders, from citizens to businesses and governments.


Our approach to place branding helps destinations and communities identify their competitive identity, articulate what makes them different and craft stories and messaging to communicate their unique sense of place in a manner that will resonate with target audiences to attract residents, visitors and investment.

Our approach defines destinations as more than the sum of their parts. While we audit and evaluate the tangible and logical hardware of a destination – infrastructure, geography, accommodation/housing, attractions, institutions and transportation – we also engage stakeholders to identify the unique, emotional software of their destination or community – the history, stories, culture, communities and experiences that work together to form a unique and compelling sense of place.

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Brand Strategies include:

  • Overview Geographic boundaries and physical characteristics of the destination.
  • Situational Analysis Analysis of the heritage, features, assets and existing experiences that can be leveraged to create a unique and compelling identity.
  • Market Analysis Identification and profiles of key current and potential future target audiences.
  • Competitive Analysis Identification and benchmarking of competitive set.
  • Positioning A summary of the destination or community’s differentiating characteristics that will resonate with target audiences.
  • Platform The overarching theme and personality of the destination or community that clearly communicates its unique offering.
  • Proposition A compelling umbrella message that encapsulates and expresses the destination’s identity and what makes it unique.
  • Key Messages Key resonant characteristics and features that should be communicated to engage consumers and generate a loyal following.
  • Brand Identity and Guidelines can be created to ensure all organizations promoting the brand are using the same language, utilizing logos, creating materials and communicating with constituents in a consistent manner.

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